Primary data acquisition completed also on the Slovak side

Primary data acquisition was completed also on the Slovak side, covering Kosice County. In the course of data acquisition, the relevant data of clinics for children, adults and dentistries, as well as pharmacies concerning their on-duty services were collected in Kosice County.

After the complete loading of the data into the IT system, through the website, the data about the on-duty health care services for Kosice County will also be available in the on-duty health care service monitoring system developed in this way – over and above the data of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County.

In addition to the web applications, the system will also be soon available on the most popular platforms (iOS, android, WindowsPhone) through the applications developed, which can be downloaded from the relevant mobile app stores.

One critical element of the maintenance and usability of the system is the regular upgrading of the on-duty data, keeping them up-to-date, which is to be highly emphasised in the future.

We wish that you will need the use of the on-duty health care service monitoring system (nonstopmed) as seldom as possible, at the same time, we propose that you make use of the service as frequently as you can.