Implementation of the project completed

With the conference held on November 28-29, the implementation of the Health Info project was practically completed.

The essential objective of the conference was to present the shared online on-duty health care service monitoring system developed in the framework of the project for the support of emergency situations.

The objective of the project was the implementation of a sample project on the designated areas of the Hungarian – Slovak border region (Borsod-Abaúj Zemplén County and Kosice County).

The presentation was special and interesting – similarly to the presentation in Miskolc – due to the fact that the presentation was held on one of the selected sample areas.

In the course of the workshop, the participants were given an update on the background of the project, the justification of the development, its process and features. The application itself was naturally presented in the framework of the workshop and it was received very favourably.

The most important features of the service: display on the map; listing of the nearest on-duty health care services on the basis of GPS and cell information; continuously updated database; navigation options; access to the application through several platforms.

The significance of the application is that it provides up-to-date data about the on-duty health care services available and provides a list of the on-duty health care service providers, which are the nearest and can be accessed fastest.

By means of the services, the people living and working in the area as well as the visitors may have a greater level of safety in case of eventual emergencies. The project may serve as a model also for other regions, countries and subject areas.

After closing the project enters the stage of continuous operation in the course of which efforts will be made to continuously update the database with authentic data. It is also our objective to extend the service to additional (geographic) areas, in the first stage, to the two countries concerned.