NonStopMed, the cross-border on-duty service information system presented

RRA DZ and the EUROPÉER Foundation to hold a professional conference in Kosice on November 28-29, 2014. The subject of the conference will be the demonstration of the contents service of public interest and public purposes jointly developed by the organisers, which is already at the disposal of the citizens seeking on-duty clinics and pharmacies in Borsod and Kosice counties, with up-to-date data integrated in a uniform structure.

The information related to the on-duty medical care and services do not belong to the everyday interests of people. Only emergencies direct the attention to the importance of such data. Especially if it is necessary to find an on-duty clinic at night, a pharmacy open during the holidays or a dentist consulting on the weekend in our own country or abroad.

By supporting an earlier initiative, the EUROPÉER Foundation ( and the Regionálna Rozvojová Agentúra pre Rozvoj Dolného Zemplína ( targeted the establishment of an up-to-date online on-duty health care monitoring system – NonStopMed – available cross-border, in several languages and supporting the unexpected situations – which do not present immediate risk to life. An important element of this system is the Health Info project, in the framework of which a model project has been established on the selected areas of the region along the Hungarian – Slovak border. Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County on the Hungarian side and Kosice County on the Slovak side have been selected as model areas.

In the course of the workshop, the participants were given an update on the background of the project, the justification of the development, its process and features, and the applications developed in the project have also been presented. The most important features of the service: display on the map; listing of the nearest on-duty health care services on the basis of GPS and cell information; continuously updated database; navigation options; access to the application through several platforms.

The significance of the application is that it provides up-to-date data about the on-duty health care services available and provides a list of the on-duty health care service providers, which are the nearest and can be accessed fastest.

The database of the system currently includes the data of opening hours and on-duty service hours of pharmacies, as well as the data of the on-duty medical care services – for children, adults and dental clinics.

By means of the services, the people living and working in the area as well as the visitors may have a greater level of safety in case of eventual emergencies.

After the conference, the project enters the stage of sustained operation, in the course of which efforts will be made by the organising partners to continuously update the database with authentic data. And in the follow up stage, based on the achievements of the model project, they wish to achieve national coverage in both countries in 2015, and they wish to extend the system to other countries subject to the demand and possibilities.

The web application is already accessible through the website, while the mobile applications will soon be available in the relevant web stores.

Motto of the organisations promoting “We wish that you will be required to use the applications as seldom as possible, but if the situation so demands, we propose that you make use of the service!”