System plan of the IT applications completed

The system plan of the IT development was completed as a result of the intensive work following the entry into the contract.

The aim of the development was to create a client application searching on-duty clinic or pharmacy, which is available also through the operating system of mobile phones and web browsers.

The application uses the actual GPS position of the user (defined by the user’s mobile phone) or the address defined by the user and shows the nearest on-duty clinic, pharmacy with their typical data.

In the course of planning, the focus was directed to have a user-friendly application which is easy to apply and available to a broad range of target groups. In order to satisfy the needs of the latter, the information will be available in 4 languages (in addition to Hungarian and Slovak also in English and German).

The hits can be displayed in text and also on maps. The application facilitates contact to the institutions (direct call) as well as route planning and access to the institution subject to the features of the device applied.

The application also contains additional supplementary functions to facilitate use (e.g., search, information, etc.).

The draft layout of some screens is shown in the figures below.

20140730_pic_3-169x300  20140730_pic_2-169x300   20140730_pic_1-169x300

The applications are expected to be ready by September, 2014, therefore, their use may start already this year.