Primary data collection started also in Slovakia

Primary data collection started also in Kosice County. The relevant contract was signed at the end of the last month, the data acquisition agents also started their work through processing the secondary data and planning the primary data acquisition.

The data acquisition professional agency coordinates and supervises the work of the data collection agents. Before this stage, the company carried out secondary data collection and also has created a guideline for data acquisition for the agency engaged in data acquisition.

Data collection must be carried out rather intensively in Kosice County as the system is scheduled to go live in September.

The on-duty health care service data are collected in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in parallel with the data collection in Slovakia as well as the IT development.

The on-duty health care service monitoring system is scheduled to be completed by September, 2014, therefore, it will be available for use already this year.