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Establishment of a shared on-line on-duty health care service monitoring system for the support of handling emergencies in the selected areas of the Hungarian-Slovak border region (Borsod-Abaúj Zemplén county and Kosice County).


The notion of emergency medical service covers the control of a condition involving risk to life, but also means the acute health care attending to unexpected changes of conditions – which cannot wait for the day after.

The tasks of eliminating risks to life are carried out in each country by emergency medical services (EMS) operating under unified basic principles in each country, which services have a high level background in rescue organization and info-communication.

Information concerning on-duty health care services is not part of the everyday interest of people. It becomes important only when the unexpected happens. Particularly, when we need to visit an on-duty medical clinic or find a pharmacy which is open on holidays or a dentist offering care over the weekend as well. Either in our own country or elsewhere.

The ICT environment of the acute patient care suffers from serious backwardness, even though it represents Level 1 of the emergency care. The logistics of organizing of on-duty services of family doctors, dentists and pharmacies, methodology of their data handling, mode and form of access to their data, show deficiencies and major differences not only between but also within the countries.

The losers of these shortcomings are the citizens, who need to find help in an emergency, with a rather restricted possibility for seeking information, while they may suffer from drawbacks in several areas.



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